We understand that good food is best enjoyed among those you care about. With that in mind, our restaurant and staff can accommodate a gathering of any size for any occasion. Whether it is for family, friends, or even business events, we are here to serve you. And to make it easier for everyone to decide what they want, we have provided a convenient list of our menu items, along with a brief description of each, to help everyone decide which savory dishes they want to try today. 

For additional questions, or schedule an event with us, please visit our Contact Us page. The friendly staff at ENAT KITCHEN are always happy to assist you. Further, be sure to read our Testimonials page for information from our other satisfied customers!

The chefs at Enat Kitchen are master artists when it comes to cooking. Our training and skills are rooted in the art of Ethiopian meal preparation to develop dishes that are as artistic as they are innovative. This means that we will have something for everyone to enjoy when you come to dine with us. Additionally, our chefs can adjust any meal to your preference of spice to ensure your satisfaction. To learn more about what our other customers think about our diverse menu items, please visit our Testimonials page for additional information.

At Enat Kitchen we strive to give you a taste of true Ethiopian Culture while providing a comfortable and enjoying atmosphere. We know that the only way to produce amazing and memorable meals is to provide the most unique experience. We encourage you to come and undergo the difference that our cultural and authentic restaurant can make. Whether you are indulging in your favorite dish, or trying a culinary adventure, our meals are sure to satisfy! For information on our hours, along with directions to our location, please see our About Us page.